MAG IT delivers secure IT services across MAG’s airport operations and third party clients such as airlines, ground handlers and retailers.

Experts in all things IT and technology, MAG IT specialises in improving productivity and efficiency for airport-based colleagues and businesses.

The foundation of MAG IT is to develop, innovate and improve a wide range of products for our partners. Delivering projects with speed, our solutions are designed to increase revenue and business performance by improving functionality, performance, and safety. As we look to the future, we understand that investing in world-class IT solutions is more vital than ever.

For all members of the aviation industry who call MAG home, from airlines and handlers to retailers, MAG IT plays a crucial role in moving towards the future and meeting vital industry goals. Our ambitions to provide the best possible guest experience, maximise operational efficiency, and capitalise on revenue, are reliant on the success of our technology.

Over the past few years MAG IT has supported numerous businesses, colleagues, and guests across the airport estate by significantly evolving our technology infrastructure. By continuously innovating and improving the technology that powers our airports, we will be able to continue providing excellent environments and services to our partners.

We demonstrate the experience and talent of our technology team by resolving problems, regardless of size, whether it's a ‘day-to-day’ issue or a major IT incident.

From the initial stages of getting to know and understand your business’ requirements all the way through to the design and delivery of your bespoke service package, we aim to consistently exceed your expectations.