Manchester Airport Group founded CAVU to unlock greater value from the airport passenger journey.

CAVU origins

CAVU’s unrivalled knowledge of the airport passenger comes from its origins.

MAG combined the resources of MAGO, MAG USA, and a network of direct-to-consumer brands – which together drive market-leading passenger spend for airports across the world – to create CAVU, with the aim of addressing evolving passenger needs today and exceeding them into tomorrow.

Building on a foundation of over 80 years of aviation expertise, CAVU is striving to revolutionise airport travel, creating value for passengers and the businesses that serve them.


The name CAVU comes from the aviation, meteorology term, ‘Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited’. This term designates the perfect flying condition, where the ceiling is more than 10,000ft and the visibility is more than 10 miles.

The term also represents CAVU’s mindset and all that it stands for – its proud aviation heritage, drive to push boundaries, and the very essence of what CAVU does; creating seamless, enjoyable travel experiences for airport passengers.

CAVU solutions

To unlock value from the end-to-end passenger journey, CAVU has developed four key solutions:

  • propel™ – CAVU’s proven technology drives revenue and growth, creates a better customer experience, and unlocks operational efficiencies.

  • Passenger Experiences – premium products and experiences have operate throughout the end-to-end passenger journey, from lounges to FastTrack and retail solutions.

  • Intelligent Performance – tailored for each business, CAVU’s proven commercial services drive increased revenue through Revenue Management and Digital Marketing capabilities.

  • Distribution – CAVU’s global distribution solutions increase reach and upsell capabilities, allowing partners to sell more products to the right passengers. Find out more about CAVU’s global distribution network.

CAVU solutions make travel more seamless and enjoyable for passengers – and more profitable for clients and partners.

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Contact CAVU

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Head of Business Development

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VP, Growth - EMEA